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macs Product Costing

macs Product Costing

Product Costing is determined, based on sales volumes, capacity and material requirements, and calculates the manufacturing costs of products, goods, or services. macs allows parallel views of unit costs:

  • Default Budget Calculation, Roller Forecast and Scenario Analysis
  • Breakdown of the cost structure based on material and KST groups for the MER
  • Separation of proportional and fixed costs for the result (DB) invoice
  • batch sizes- simulations
  • Use of alternative parts lists and job plans (with valid from- to)
  • Is- calculation with actual material prices and actual cost estimates
  • Manufacturing Cost Target- Is- Is comparison at level Material and cost center/ performance type

Success critical factor

The deep understanding of the cost structure of products and services not only serves to eradicate vulnerabilities. Prerequisite for

  • the benchmarking with the competition
  • identifying your strengths and weaknesses
  • identifying the profitable areas

Takes Bill of Material and Job Plans

Standard manufacturing costs and deviations from the manufacturing cost target comparison and cost accounting checks are statistically integrated into the result calculation. macs takes over parts lists and job plans from existing ERP systems and uses them in different scenarios for retrograde determination of material and capacity requirements.

To determine realistic needs, the mix of different parts lists and production variants is also taken into account, instead of using ERP only the standard version. This makes macs also in disposition networks, that is, across the internal supply chain.

macs automatically determines

  • Intercompany quantities
  • Intercompany prices 
  • Intercompany sales
macs Product Costing

Link for Integrated Planning

macs Product Costing is in a networked and integrated planning link between paragraph, terms, and revenue planning on the one side and the cost center planning on the other side. Even large amounts of data processed macs within a very short time. With macs, statistics, reports, analyses, and other cost considerations from different angles are possible.

macs Product Costing is an operational planning tool that makes the impact of decisions in the manufacturing process directly visible.

  • Retrograde resolution of sales volumes
  • Material requirements
  • Capacity requirements
  • Variable and fixed manufacturing costs
macs Controlling Software - macs Product Costing - Bindeglied für die Integrierte Planung

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