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macs Finance

macs Finance shows existing financial bottlenecks at an early stage, even if the success calculation is still positive. This creates the greatest possible transparency about the entire liquidity situation and that at all times. Comfortable planning functions are available for fast and high-quality planning.

From a simple management consolidation to a trade- law consolidation across multiple consolidation circles, all options are available.

macs Finance provides the interface between integrated financial planning and cost center accounting. The calculated depreciation of planned investments is taken over into the cost center bill. Starting and attribution, calculated residual book values etc., macs reliably takes over in the investment bricks. With macs Finance, you plan and control your investments for the future.

Even savings accounts with relocations within the asset level, the GuV, balance sheet, and cash flow invoice are possible.

In the macs finance package, a High-performance report generator for creating decision- based information from a large number of complex data. This includes a number of standard reports, such as success plan calculation, financial planning/ exercise balance, liquidity plan, plan balance sheet and various key figures.

Plan Performance Accounting, Liquidity Planning, Plan Balance

With macs Finance, you have an instrument for integrated success and financial planning that takes into account the financial changes in all areas within the company.

Dynamic Link

Changes in sales, cost increases or reductions, changes in working capital, investment behavior, repayment, or re- admission of credits, etc. are automatically working in the entire planning model because all subareas are dynamically linked.

macs Finance

Cash Flow

The cash flow has an information advantage:

  • Show financial bottlenecks, even if the results of the success calculation are still positive.
  • Maximum transparency over the entire liquidity situation of the company at any time.
  • Support through comfortable planning functions for a quick and yet high- quality planning.
  • Proven technology for fast and comfortable simulations to answer "What if?"-questions.
  • Powerful report generator for the creation of decision- ready information from a large number of complex data.
  • Integration of a number of standard reports, such as plan performance calculation, financial plan/ motion balance sheet, liquidity plan, plan balance sheet, and measure models.
  • Management consolidation right up to legal consolidation
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