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Food & Beverages

Food and Beverages
for more than 20 years

For more than 20 years macs has been gaining knowledge in management accounting specifically in the food and beverage industry by supporting successful companies worldwide.

Important topics that are covered by macs

  • Rolling forecast of sales 
  • Customer and product profitability analytics
  • Planning and variance analysis of special direct selling expenses such as advertising grants
  • Reporting of direct and indirect sales volume data
  • Optimizing production planning in packaging plants 
  • KPI reporting in production like OEE-%, plant utilization and productivity
  • Disassembly costing for meat processing plants


There are different aspects among the various categories  

  • Mineral water
  • Fruit juices / soft drinks
  • Breweries
  • Food industry

to be considered. Here's a picture of how macs can support you in the respective category / industry and find the right solution.

Mineral water

Many customers in the mineral water producers segment have been relying on macs for years. With a macs controlling suite and vast business know-how of macs consultants you can implement  a management accounting solution that is highly flexible and solves the questions that need to be answered for the successful management of all departments-at all levels and for all possible cases.

Have you already read the success story of Franken Brunnen? You can find the link right here in the sidebar.

macs Controlling Software - Controlling für Brunnen und Mineralwasserhersteller

Juices and soft drinks

Accurate BOM and recipes are key in this segment of macs. After many successful projects with customers in this industry we understand your requirements and know the special features. We comprehend complex tasks and work together with you to develop the best way to achieve your own lean solution.  

Check out macs references and find out which juice and soft drink producers trust in macs.


macs Controlling Software - Controlling für Safthersteller und Süßgetränkehersteller


macs experts for breweries understand what successful management accounting needs to cater for in breweries.   

You don't believe that? See for yourself and book your free expert talk at the best of your time.

macs Controlling Software - Controlling für Brauereien


macs accompanies businesses in the food industry in management accounting and performance measurement. macs enables you to understand the level of contribution margin of products sold. You will find out that seemingly good selling prices do not in all cases mean good profit. With the macs controlling solution you will see exactly what the price drivers are at the push of a button and in a matter of seconds.

macs Controlling Software - Controlling für Nahrungsmittel- und Lebensmittelindustrie

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