Freed-up by macs for core activities


Management Accounting in Automotive

It is important to keep an eye on results and KPI's especially in difficult times. Take advantage of the effects of digitalization and trust macs as your business partner and you will have more time to focus on your core activities. macs, with a powerful costing engine and many automated processes, will help you to spend more time on analysis and far less time an data preparation and manipulation perhaps using spreadsheets. Reconciled results and good reports that are  automatically generated and distributed support your tasks as management accountant with ease.  

Unload your To-Do list and dedicate your time to pro-active task for to the future

  • Rolling Forecast of customer's savings targets
  • Preparing strategic decision support / Project feasibility studies
  • Developing measures together with operations, marketing and sales, etc
  • Profit planning, rolling forecasting and analysis of change in profit by business segment  


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